Our Ethos

“Learn Together to Live Together”

The ethos of our school is its spirit, its character.
At Waterford Educate Together National School, our spirit is one of respect, equality and inclusivity.
Our mission is to provide:

  • A positive learning environment where each child grows in confidence and competence, realising his or her unique potential as a human being
  • A multi-denominational school where the child is enabled to grow and learn an appreciation and respect of themselves and others
  • A child-centred school where the child is encouraged to embrace challenge and change in a multi-cultural society
  • A co-educational school where the child experiences a caring, exciting environment supported by teachers and parents in partnership

Our ethos works within the realms of the policies and procedures set out by the Department of Education & Science, as well as the charter of our patron body, Educate Together.

All of our teachers are trained to the professional standards stipulated by the Department of Education & Science; we follow the national curriculum for all primary schools and we operate our board of management within the rules and regulations of the DES.

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