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Active School Flag

The Active School Flag was launched by the Department of Education in 2009. It is a non-competitive initiative which seeks to recognise schools that strive to achieve a physically active and physically educated school community. Waterford Educate Together N.S. is committed to promoting physical activity in our school and we were delighted to achieve an Active School Flag in 2018. We aim to include a variety activities in the coming months in order to retain our Active School Flag and work towards achieving our second.

PE Curriculum 

We have taken a balanced approach to planning our PE strands for the year. As a whole school we have chosen the Functional Movement Skills of running, skipping, walking and hopping. We have divided these up across the year to integrate with the Strand Focus for the time period.


September October – *FMS focus: Walking  November-December *FMS focus: Skipping   January-March *FMS focus: Hopping  April-June * FMS focus: Running 
Athletics Dance Gymnastics Games
Aquatics(4th-6th)Games Gymnastics Dance Outdoor and Adventure activities
Games AthleticsActive Week


Please click the links below for more information on the physical activity plans for our school PE Curriculum and the Move Well Move Often Programme.

PE Curriculum

Move Well Move Often

School Partnerships and Community Initiatives

At Waterford Educate Together we work with lots of different partners to deliver our programme of physical activities to pupils.

Please see below our current partners:

  • The Cycling Safety School
  • GAA (David Robinson GDA Waterford)
  • Kingfisher Swimming Club
  • Waterford Sports Partnership

We also offer after-school sporting activities including Gaelic football, basketball, hockey, soccer and hurling.

We have run a number of Community Initiatives this year in order to boost parental and family involvement and emphasize health and enjoying the outdoors, including:

  • 21 Day Walking Challenge
  • Weekend Step
  • Spring Walk
  •  #Feel Good Fridays

Physical Education 

This year as part of our Active School Flag renewal, we will focus on the Outdoor and Adventure Strand in the summer term.

We’ll provide lots of update on the various activities and events here and on our Active School Padlet – so check back for more information.

To promote physical activity in the school, we have introduced a number of initiatives to ensure our pupils are encouraged to be as active as possible.

Physical Activity

Some of the active initiatives we have introduced include:

  • Safe skipping areas in our yard during break times.
  • Basketball and soccer in our yard during breaktimes
  • An Active School Walkway in the school grounds that is clearly signposted for our pupils to follow.
  • Active Break Challenges on rainy days that include ‘Go Noodle’, ‘Just Dance’, ‘The Body Coach’ and ’10@10′.
  • We are running a ‘Run Around Europe ’ challenge for four weeks in the summer term. This involves running 3 laps of the school yard and is a wonderful initiative that all children can participate in.
  • In conjunction with our Green Schools team, we have organized initiatives such as ‘Scoot to School’, ‘Walk on Wednesdays’ and ‘Cycle on Wednesday’.
  • We have added playground markings to our yard to make break time more fun, enjoyable and accessible to all.

Active School Week 26th – 30th April 2021

Active School Week was a great success this year! Children took part in a range of activities in their class bubbles. Classes were given a chance to try out a new sport that they had not tried before for obstacle courses, GAA, cricket and orienteering. A junior and senior active circuit was set up and classes had great fun participating in this. An Active Challenge was completed by all classes. Classes decided for themselves what challenge they would set and took great pride in cheering each other on! Finally Active Homework was completed as a whole school and children really enjoyed this! Check out our Padlet for some lovely pictures from the week!

We launched our Active School Walkway during this week to encourage the children to do their talking when they’re walking during break times. WETNS is committed to promoting physical activity in our school and we were thrilled to achieve an Active School Flag during the 2017/2018 school year. We are now working towards achieving our second flag. This year’s PE curriculum focuses on Outdoor and Adventure, as well as regular, fun active sessions like ‘Run Around Europe’ and ‘Active Break Everyday’. To achieve our second flag, there will be lots of new activities planned and regular updates can be found in the Active Schools Padlet. We strongly encourage all our pupils to get involved in sport to get active, stay fit and learn the importance of fair play and team work.

Active School Calendar


  • Yourtober – School Fitness Ireland Challenge
  • Spooky Walk (Whole School Initiative)
  • Swim Club (Staff Initiative)
  • Maths Week – Maths Trails
  • Tree Day – Nature Walk



  • 10 @10 – Active Break Everyday (Whole School Initiative)
  • Santa Dash (Whole School Initiative)
  • Weekend Step – Get 20,000 steps in at the Weekend (Community Initiative)
  • Swim Club (Staff Initiative)


  • Active School Trail
  • Run around Europe (Whole School Initiative)
  • Swim Club (Staff Initiative)
  • 10 @10 – Active Break Everyday (Whole School Initiative)


  • Nature Walk
  • Swim Club (Staff Initiative)
  • 10 @10 – Active Break Everyday (Whole School Initiative)
  • Run around Europe (Whole School Initiative)


  • Seachtain na Gaeilge
  • Céilí,
  • Run a Day Challenge
  • Swim Club (Staff Initiative)
  • 10 @10 – Active Break Everyday (Whole School Initiative)
  • Run around Europe (Whole School Initiative)


  • Active School Week
  • Swim Club (Staff Initiative)
  • 10 @10 – Active Break Everyday (Whole School Initiative)
  • Run around Europe (Whole School Initiative)


  • Active travel to school
  • Swim Club (Staff Initiative)
  • Active Break Everyday Challenge (Whole School Initiative)


  • Sports Day
  • Swim Club (Staff Initiative)
  • 10 @10 – Active Break Everyday (Whole School Initiative)
  • Active School Tour

To keep up with our current Active School Initiatives- check out our Active School Padlet!