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We are working hard/ag obair do dian to get our Gaelbhratach/Irish Flag. We have a great coiste comprised of pupils from Muinteoir Megan’s 5th/6th class. Pupils from Rang 1 agus Rang 2 have joined the coiste since January 2022. We wanted to have pupils from all classes but that was not possible due to Covid 19. We will be forming a new coiste in June for 2022-2023.

Every Thursday is Irish Thursday or Deardaoin na Gaeilge. We try especially hard to speak Irish on these days.

We have Raidio na Gaeilge at school and each class takes turns to give out the news over the school intercom.

We also do rabhloga/tongue twisters in Irish and record them for our school website. 

We record our nathanna na seachtaine/sayings of the week and put them on the website also.

Every class chooses a Gaeilgeoir na Seachtaine/Irish speaker of the week. They get a teastas/certificate.

We have a frama orga/golden frame for each floor in the school, so that’s Infants, 1st to 3rd and 4th to 6th. The golden frames get awarded each month to the class on each floor that’s trying really hard to speak Irish. We have a Corn na Gaeilge/Irish cup that gets awarded to the best class each term. We are really enjoying the Gaelbhratach experience. We have lots of different languages in our school and we value them all. 

We celebrate Seachtain na Gaeilge every year and have a great time doing all the different activities organised by Muinteoir Tadhg. We have a Ceili Mor, Trath na gCeist and lots of other fun activities. We usually do the Trath na gCeist in the halla but due to Covid 19 it now takes place over the intercom. The Ceili Mor takes place outside but class by class so that we can socially distance. We are also all learning our National anthem.