WETNS Book of World Records

Hi all,

Thank you to all those who have taken part in our Maths Challenge so far and made it into the “Waterford ETNS Book of World Records”. As it is a short week I am going to extend last weeks challenge by a few days until Monday!┬áIf you are looking for some inspiration or want to see your record check out the record book so far which I have attached to this post. (The Record Book can also be accessed on www.wetns.ie)

For those that missed the last challenge all you have to do is:

1. Make up a an active record e.g. how many skips can I do in 30 seconds.

2. Take a picture.

3. Send me on the record and the picture to include in the record book e.g. Patrick 6th Class 10 skips in 30 seconds.

For those that have already created a record feel free to create another one or do the bonus challenge below.

*Bonus Challenge*

Come up with 5 maths questions based on records in the book e.g.

How many keepie uppies did Jan and Conor do all-together?

In total how far did Lora and Sam go?

You can then send me on the questions with your answers.

As usual all Maths Challenges can be sent to patrickpender@wetns.ie

All the best and keep safe,

M. Patrick