Waterford ETNS Book of World Records

Hi all,

I hope everyone is keeping safe, fit and healthy. Thank you to everyone who has sent me their Maths Challenges so far. The standard of work has been amazing and everyone has been doing great work. Last week we had 49 entries from across the school which is fantastic to see. Well done to 6th Class who had the most participants with 7 children successfully completing the challenge. Let’s see can any other class beat them this week!

As this week is “Active Home Week” this week’s challenge is a little bit different to previous weeks. This week is all about getting active in our homes and gardens and using the resources we have available to us to keep fit and healthy.

This week we are going to create “The Waterford ETNS Book of World Records”. All you have to do is create an active record. For example the record could be: the most star jumps done in 30 seconds. How is this maths I hear you say? Well that’s easy, you have to count (that’s maths), time yourself using a clock or stopwatch (that’s maths) and maybe even measure using a ruler, measuring tape or even your feet (that’s maths too!) At the end of the week I will make a list of the records created and you will go down in history as a Waterford ETNS record holder!

Here’s what you have to do:

Come up with a record that you are going to set. Remember it must be active and the more creative the better!

Choose the length of time. It could be 30 seconds, 1 minute, an hour or any length you pick.

Get a camera ready to record/ photograph the record attempt.

Set the timer and count how many you complete in the time. You might need someone to help you with this.

Send your photo/ video along with the record you have set to patrickpender@wetns.ie

Here are examples of some records that I have set. You can try and break these or even better come up with your own!

The most jumping jacks completed in 30 seconds: 9

The most keep ups done with a football without it hitting the ground: 10

The highest jump in the air: 10 centimetres

The furthest kick of a football: 3 metres

You can set as many records as you wish. We will also have a record for the most records set! The more creative and active your record is the better!

Please send your record along with a photo/ video to patrickpender@wetns.ie and I will add it to the record books!

All the best and keep safe,