Spelling Games

Hi all,

Spelling City is a fantastic website to practice your spellings. It has all of the word lists from our Jolly Grammar books and it allows you to play lots of great spelling games for free. It has also has an app which is available to download.

Here are the links to the different Jolly Grammar word lists:

Jolly Grammar 1

Jolly Grammar 2

Jolly Grammar 3

Jolly Grammar 4

Jolly Grammar 5

The app can be downloaded here.

If you are using the app, you will need to search for the correct lists. You search for it by “Username” and type the following into the search box

JG1:   jollygrammar

JG2: : 2jollygrammar

JG3: jollygrammar3

JG4: jollygrammar4

JG5: jollygrammar5


M. Patrick