P.A. Raffle Winners

Huge thanks to our P.A. and to everybody who supported our raffle. The P.A. will contact the winners and arrange to give out the prizes.


1st Victor

2nd Alan Tobin

3rd Sharon Crangle

4th Claire Bolger

5th Margaret Boyle

6th Dimitri Lazare

7th Giovanni Dapuzzo

8th Doug Kearley

9th Lindsay Sloane

10th Emear McLawrence

11th Pawel

12th Fionn Duffy

13th Ronan Hall

14th James Murray

15th Erica Parado Ahicart

16th Paull Quirke

17th Delta

18th Charlie Cooper

19th Ben Stott

20th Laura Hanrahan

21st Marius

22nd Tomas Nawrot