Math’s Week 2020

Hi all,

Math’s Week 2020 takes place next week from the 12th – 16th of October. Math’s Week is all about fun and promoting a positive attitude towards math. We will be completing lots of fun activities in school and we would love you all to have some fun with math’s at home too.

As part of Math’s Week we will have a whole school initiative called “The Mystery of the Missing Scarecrows”. Every day next week each class will receive a mathematical clue which will help solve the mystery. There will be a junior, middle and senior clue each day and by the end of the week we will know which teacher stole the scarecrows! You can play along at home too as I will post new clues to the website each day.

We will also have a special challenge for our magnificent math’s detectives that can only be completed at home. The first clue to this mystery is attached below. In order to receive the next top secret clue you must email your answer to clue 1 to by Monday. Each day next week I will email the top secret clues to our participants!

At the end of the week we will have certificates for “Math’s Stars of the Week ” and any class that successfully solves The Mystery of the Missing Scarecrows will get a pass for extra break-time or a movie on Friday!

I am looking forward to seeing all your fantastic math’s next week!

All the best,