Maths Stars and Challenges

Dear Parents, Guardians and Pupils,

Thank you very much to all of those who have sent on their Maths Challenges from last week.

This week’s Maths Challenge focuses on the area of time. Telling the time and using the clock is a concept that many children really struggle with. This is a great opportunity to focus on the clock and telling the time at home. It is a fantastic life skill and something that many of us now take for granted. At times we can forget that children need to be taught how to tell the time! I have included a document which gives a summary of what is covered in school at each class level.

Please feel free to complete whichever Maths Challenge or game you feel is suitable for your child or you can of course complete more than one. As always the challenges do not have to be printed and can be completed on any piece of paper you have available. Completed challenges can be emailed to the new email address of

All the best and keep safe,

M. Patrick

This is a great game for practicing telling the time. You do have to set up an account but it only takes a second.

junior-challenge junior-game middle-challenge senior-challenge time-overview


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