Green Schools – Cycling

Cycle Right eLearning Resource

This resource can be used to increase knowledge on critical areas such as;

  • Preparing for the road – clothing, helmet, bike, conditions and wayfinding
  • Cycling with others – awareness of other road users, cycling in groups, cycling with children
  • Being on the road – positioning, turning, other vehicles
  • Knowing the roads – road infrastructure, slip roads, hard shoulders, cycle paths, bus lanes, rail tracks
  • Visibility – the importance of being seen on the road

Moving through a series of independent modules with accompanying narrative, films and interactive devices will illustrate the essential nature of key points for cyclists using the road network. Answers will be presented to questions such as;

  • What does a cyclist need to watch out for when approaching a slip road?
  • What are the different pieces of equipment an adult carrying a child should be aware of?
  • What is the best way to cross a tramline?
  • Each module has its own short self-test and the course is digitally certified.