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Discover Primary Science and Maths Award 2014

Our school has won another Primary Science and Maths Award. Thanks to all who helped us. We had great fun.                                                            

Saying Goodbye to Tycor

We left behind our old school at Morrisson’s Avenue, Tycor, Waterford. We were sad to leave but very happy to be moving to our nice new school at Manor Hill.  We had a lovely assembly to say goodbye.                                                                  

Europe Day May 9th 2014

We celebrated Europe Day on May 9th. We learned about the foundation of the European Union and how it was started after World War 2 to bring peace and prosperity to Europe. It was begun by Monet and Schumann who shook hands so that Europe could come together in peace. To commemorate this monumental day the whole school took part in Shake Hands for
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