Green Schools Poster Competition

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Active Schools

Don’t forget your 10 at 10 exercises! RTÉjr » 10 @ 10 (

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all.

Green Schools – Cycling

Cycle Right eLearning Resource This resource can be used to increase knowledge on critical areas such as; Preparing for the road – clothing, helmet, bike, conditions and wayfinding Cycling with others – awareness of other road users, cycling in groups, cycling with children Being on the road – positioning, turning, other vehicles Knowing the roads – road infrastructure, slip roads, hard shoulders, cycle paths,
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Active School Flag

We have started playground games. We love them, especially the skipping.      

Active School Flag

Hi Everyone, This month’s Active Flag Community Initiative is to challenge you and your family to get 20,000 steps each at the weekend! Walking has many great benefits for both the mind and body. It is a great way to spend some quality time in the outdoors with the family! So go on, we challenge our school community to reach 20,000 each weekend this
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Ethical Ed Radio

Dear Parents/ Guardians, This month’s ethical education theme is Safety. In school we are focusing on how to stay safe at home, at school and while out and about. Chat together at home about how we can be safe crossing the road, how to be safe if you are near water or what to do if there was a fire. Here is a link
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Green School Travel Flag

We are trying to get our Green Travel Flag this year. So let’s get active together and make. an extra special effort to support our initiatives: WOW – Walk on Wednesdays, COW – Cycle on Wednesdays and SOW – Scoot on Wednesdays. Remember you do not have to walk, scoot or cycle all the way to school. You can take part even for  a
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Green Schools Poster competition

Intercultural Fair

Hi all, Huge thanks to everyone who contributed to this year’s Virtual Intercultural Fair. While we are missing our traditional fair we are thrilled with everyone’s enthusiasm and involvement. Our Virtual Fair is now open! You will find everything you need to take part on the following link Have a look at some fantastic videos and photos. Try out some recipes. Sing some of
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