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Senior Infants

We had a great Aistear session in Senior Infants on the theme of Hospitals. We learned loads of new stuff and had a great time drawing, painting, dressing up and acting.

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What a day we had for World Book Day. We dressed up as characters from our favourite books. As well as that, we had some secret readers visit our class. They were mammies from our school and we really enjoyed listening to them telling us stories.

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Teva Visit

Senior Infants were invited on a tour of TEVA Pharmaceuticals as part of the Junior Achievement programme.  The pupils loved gowning up, seeing the robots in the packing hall and having cookies in the canteen! Thanks Eimear for organising the tour and Kenny and Darren for bringing us around.

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Senior Infants were busy working at the hospital.  They worked as doctors, nurses and receptionists looking after patients.  We had patients visiting the hospital with broken arms, sore heads and the vomiting bug!

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North Pole

Pupils had fun forecasting the weather across the globe.  They learned about the animals and weather in the North Pole.  Luckily there was a shop to buy some lovely winter clothes to keep them warm while they were exploring!

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The Senior Infants classroom has been turned into a doctor’s surgery. Receptionists have been busy taking appointments. The chemist shop was selling lots of bandages. Other activities involved skeletons and senses. We also had a ‘real live’ doctor visit – thank you Burhan’s mum, Shama – and we all got to listen to each other’s heart beat. We have learnt lots of interesting facts about the human body. Thanks for all the lovely books that the children brought in on doctors and the human body.

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Senior Infants have been learning about houses and homes in Aistear. They have built house from junk and blocks. They are decorating a house (kindly donated by Jack’s family). They are playing house bingo. They are having such fun while learning. There are definitely some budding builders and interior designers in the making in Senior Infants.

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Senior Infants have been very busy with AISTEAR. The theme pictured here is MYSELF. They enjoyed drawing and framing pictures of themselves. They made play-doh models of themselves. They played at dress up and small world where they re-created their world. They had so much fun.

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