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2nd Class

On 24th of June, 2nd Class went, along with 1st Class, on our school trip. We went to Secret Valley in Wexford. Secret Valley is a wildlife sanctuary and farm. They have rescued capuchin monkeys and raccoons; and they also have there alpacas, llamas, goats, prairie dogs, meerkats, ponies and many types of reptiles. We all got a chance to feed the goats from milk bottles, which was very cute indeed. We also got to play on the climbing frame and in the outdoor playground. We had a brilliant time.

al paca alpaca bearded dragon climbing frame donkeys goat goats monkeys python raccoon untitledmeerkat



On Wednesday 8th of June , Rhythm and Shakes came in to do a workshop with 2nd Class. We learned about ‘bass’ and ‘tone’ as well as how to call and answer using the drums. We really enjoyed drumming.

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We had a great time at the Maths and Science Fair