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Junior Infants

Junior infants has such fun on sports day. Their favourite activities were the Tug  of War and the Dressing Up race which made them laugh a lot. They enjoyed the ice cream treat.
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Junior infants enjoyed a super tour to Nore Valley Farm in June. They got to hold bunnies, went on a trailer ride and had great fun jumping in the hay. They also saw lots of animals and their babies.​
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The junior infants have been watching how caterpillars grown into butterflies –  here they are examining the caterpillars. They grew into 5 beautiful painted lady butterflies, which we released – watch out for them in your garden
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Check out the Junior Infants having fun in Aistear. The theme was ‘myself and my school’. They built a model of our new school. They drew maps of their journey from home to school. They recreated their world in ‘small world’ and made lollipop figures of themselves. Junior Infants love Aistear!


Welcome to all our new pupils in Junior Infants. They have been very busy touring the school and getting to know their surroundings.