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5th Class

We designed and made sculptures from clay and painted them. We then took them to different locations in the school grounds, photographing them in many settings and various environments. It was a creative and interesting art project.

P1012886 P1012884 P1012880 P1012874 P1012871 P1012864 P1012863 P1012858 P1012856 P1012846 P1012840 P1012834 P1012830 P1012828 P1012822 P1012819 P1012815 P1012810 P1012804 P1012800 P1012795 P1012772 P1012767 P1012765 P1012760 P1012757 P1012753 P1012750 P1012748 P1012744 P1012738 P1012735 P1012729 P1012726 P1012721 P1012718 P1012712 P1012708 P1012704 P1012700 P1012695 P1012692 P1012689 P1012683 P1012680




IMG_5449   IMG_5432   IMG_5430    IMG_5429   IMG_5431