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BOM Meeting Summary

Please find attached the summary of our most recent Board of Management meeting. summary-bom-meeting-03-02-2021

Ethical Ed Radio

Dear Parents/ Guardians, This month’s ethical education theme is Safety. In school we are focusing on how to stay safe at home, at school and while out and about. Chat together at home about how we can be safe crossing the road, how to be safe if you are near water or what to do if there was a fire. Here is a link
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Intercultural Fair

Hi all, Huge thanks to everyone who contributed to this year’s Virtual Intercultural Fair. While we are missing our traditional fair we are thrilled with everyone’s enthusiasm and involvement. Our Virtual Fair is now open! You will find everything you need to take part on the following link https://padlet.com/wetns4thclass/interculturalfair Have a look at some fantastic videos and photos. Try out some recipes. Sing some of
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November Ethical Ed Radio

Hi all, Here is this month’s edition of Ethical Ed Radio, brought to you by 6th class.

BOM Meeting Summary

Hi all, Please find below a summary of our school’s most recent Board of Management meeting. summary-report-of-bom-meeting-16-10-2020

Math’s Week 2020 Finale

Hi all, As we come to the end of Math’s Week 2020 I would like to thank you everyone for their participation! It has been great to see all our classes out and about completing math’s trails and other fun activities. It has also been great to have over 50 families participating in our Math’s Week at Home Challenge. With this final clue you should be
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Math’s Week Day 4

  Hi all, Please find attached Clue 4 for the “Mystery of the Missing Scarecrow”. Tensions are growing as we get to the final suspects. If you have solved the Clues correctly the following teachers should be left before today’s clue (Megan, Caroline, Niamh, Orla, Niamh, Carol) All the best, Patrick junior-clue-4 middle-clue-4 senior-clue-4

Math’s Week Day 3

Hi all, Here are the Clues for Day 3 of “The Mystery of the Missing Scarecrows”. All the best, Patrick junior-clue-3 middle-clue-3 senior-clue-3  

Math’s Week Day 2

Hi all, Here is the 2nd Clue for our Math’s Week Challenge “The Mystery of the Missing Scarecrows”. This will help narrow down your suspect list! All the best, Patrick junior-clue-2 middle-clue-2 senior-clue-2

Math’s Week Day 1

Hi all, Here are the clues for Day 1 for our school math’s week initiative “The Mystery of the Missing Scarecrows”. Feel free to play along at home too! We already have lots of math’s detectives signed up to our Math’s Week at Home Challenge but it would be great to have some more. All you have to do is email your answer to
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