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Healthy Lunch Policy

Following consultation with the Health Promotion Department of the South Eastern Health Board we now employ a Healthy Lunch policy in our school. Their guidelines are as follows:

Please note that due to serious nut allergies in the school, no products containing nuts/nut products may be included in your child’s lunchbox. Please check all labels carefully. Thank you.

Lunches should be chosen from the recommended list of foods only.

No chewing gum, sweets, crisps or fizzy drinks are allowed in school.

We ask parents and pupils to co-operate.

Parents are asked to check their child’s lunchbox to see what food they are eating and if necessary adjust the contents within the parameters of the school healthy lunch policy.

Healthy Lunches:

  • help improve concentration
  • improve overall health and well-being
  • mean better teeth
  • promote a balanced diet
  • mean less litter
  • are not expensive

Foods recommended for healthy lunches:

  • sandwich, roll, bread, crackers
  • fruit, vegetables
  • milk, water, soup, pure fruit juice
  • scones, plain buns, brack
  • yogurt, fromage frais, yogurt drinks, cheese

Foods not recommended for lunches:

  • fizzy drinks
  • sweets, bars, chocolate
  • crisps
  • biscuits
  • chips
  • cereal bars